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The Morning Glory Cafe

Desolate Heart
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Desolate Heart
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now that the story has been told
the desolate heart left lifeless in the cold
does come to Thee
in search of some comfort

in search of some hope
seeking a way to cope
neither gallant, nor honorable
no glory does my soul behold

before you now, I stand in discontent
I dragged myself through the slough
believing you to be too distant
fatigued and broken
before you on my knees
my eyes are opened to the Omnipotent

nocturnal dreams that patronize my existence
become enlightened, insprired
by your presence
master mind of creation
begging for my salvation
now I have reached my overtone

before you now, discontent has become humbled
this broken soul that has stumbled
forever imperfect
daily battling conflict
looking behind where I once stood
living in the falsehood
of my peers

desolate heart, now comforted and not alone
tattered edges imbricated
now smooth and enameled with your grace
I stand here now
a pillar, the honey locust
strong because of your embrace
oh desolate heart, no longer scorching in the heat
no longer fading in the dust

desolate heart, it is no more
forever are you knocking upon my door
my soul to comfort
my soul to keep
no longer enslaved to the creep
that exists to take away my crown
the creep who tries to bring me down

desolate heart, gone forever
lead me now wherever
take me to greater things
oh desolate heart, never was forsaken
only fooled by this mind
that loved to make you believe
shadowed your eyes until they were blind

desolate heart, now behind me
now I break free

Sharla Chachere' Costelow


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