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The Morning Glory Cafe

Beside The Water
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Beside The Water
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Against the crooked trunk of this old tree
I rest my weary body
My mind is entangled in a world
that is not pleasing to Thee

Beside the water I rest
You come to me
I can feel your presence
For you always here my pleas

Fast paced, beyond my knowledge
So much unknown
Beside the water...
my thoughts, my questions..
are vast, complex and chilling to the bone

Oh Lord, I see my reflection upon the ripples that stir from your breeze
A creation I am.... a wonder
Beside the water, I lift my face
So much unknown, this earth that is surrounded by space
Created because of an angel who had fallen from your grace

Beside the water
My body rests
But my mind continues
And my soul senses things that are new
A new awareness of everything around me
Everything that has always been there...unnoticed

Have I awaken from my sleep?
That zombied state I journeyed in?
The knowledge, it is too deep
I cannot explain what is happening

Why, my Lord, have you given to me
this brain that thinks too much?
That searches, and seeks for answers?
And then I feel the touch
The touch of your presence that reassures me
that all things need not be understood

Once again I am told
That it is not for me to know
Beside the water
Within the wooded acres
My hands I do fold

Beside the water
so soothing
My Lord, I do pray
Guide me Lord and lead me on my way
Fulfill your purpose for creating me
And when it is all too much for this human soul
Beside the water....again, I will await for thee

Sharla Chachere' Costelow
(c) 1998

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