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Understanding The Holy Spirit

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Understanding The Holy Spirit

So, you ask... "What is this talk of the Holy Spirit?"

Some of you may have grown up in the church and heard about the Holy Spirit all your life.  Others may never have heard it at all.  And then there are probably those whose only recollection of the name came through your TV speakers as you passed through the channels on your television set... most likely from someone fanatically presenting it in a way that made you only want to turn the channel as quickly as you could.

I am here to tell you that the Holy Spirit is a real and living being! I would like to recommend that you read the book :

God in You, by Dr. David Jeremiah.

Dr. Jeremiah has truly been gifted with the gift of teaching! This book will help you to really grasp the concept of who the Holy Spirit is.. what it means to be filled with the Spirit..  and why it is so important that the Holy Spirit dwell within you.

There are many misconceptions of all this Holy Spirit talk in the Bible.  It can be confusing to Christians who gave their life to Christ many years ago, much less to someone who is only beginning to know about God and Christ.  This book helps to explain the Holy Spirit in a way I never understood it before... like a missing puzzle piece I suddenly found.

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