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by Sharla Chachere Costelow
(c) July 7, 2001
Sacred land lies volatile
While the outsiders try to bring peace
But we only watch the battles come and go
The fighting will never cease

The children upon the West Banks
Peer out of the shadows of death
Reliving what their ancestors lived
As though breathing their very own breath

Footsteps of the soldiers
Firing of the tanks
Upon the mighty West Banks

A land divided by anger and hate
Surely must someday fall
Yet we strive to bring the peace
As they seek to rebuild the temple wall

Oh Holy land of Bethlehem
Where You came to us as a man
Remind us you have not forgotten
That You will come to us again

Our world is gaining speed
Rapidly approaching its demise
Yet we are so consumed
And many forget You paid the price

The bloodshed that never ends
The sorrow that drowns the soul
Pain on top of pain
Burning the bridges as we pay the toll

Foolish people scurrying about
Like ants to and fro
Never knowing what the hurry is for
Or why they even come and go

Soon the chaos will be silenced
By the mighty sound
Your angels will blow upon their trumpets
As the bodies rise from beneath the ground

And the fools will watch
With their unbelieving eyes
Fear will set in
For those who were not wise

The ants will scurry about
The watchers will await
Our eyes upon Israel
We know its coming fate

No peace in Israel
Until You walk its streets
Someday.. there..
they will fall at Your feet.

Oh Israel
Holy land of war
This is the last that you will endure
The sky tells you more than you know
It was there a long time ago

Visions become reality
As we watch satan's brutality
Watchers we are
From both near and far

The time is coming soon...

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