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Hampton Roads Resturant Reviews


Hampton Roads Resturant Reviews

Resturant Reviews in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, and Norfolk,Virginia

September 2003
Outback Steakhouse/ Nemo Pkwy.
Take out order.  Steaks, Steamed Veggies, Baked Potatoes, kids meals (chicken tenders).
Food temperature- some things still very hot, some things warm.
Cooked properly?- YES, steaks were cooked the way they were ordered. Chicken tenders were done and crisp. Fries were a little soggy.
Was order ready in a timely manner? YES
Chili's/ Nemo Pkwy.
Dine In - Cheeseburgers, Fries
Food Temperature - warm to hot
Cooked properly? NO, one adult burger and one child's burger was not cooked well done as ordered.Still very pink in the middle.
Was order done in a timely manner? NO,because we had to send two burgers back.
Atmosphere: It was VERY cold in there.
Additional Comments: I give them a B- instead of a C because the manager more than tried to make up for the burgers being undercooked. He apologized serveral times and gave us lots of french fries. =)  He also took the undercooked bugers off of the bill.
Don Poblos/Chesapeake-Greenbrier
Dine In - This was a very large party to celebrate the birthday of a friend's son.
Food Temperature - Warm to Hot
Cooked Properly - YES
Was order done in a timely manner? It was a large party, I think they did very well. The waitress did a good job.
Atmosphere- It is normally fairly loud in this resturant. If you are looking for a quiet place, this is probably not the place to go.
Additional comments: the only negative thing I have to note is that there was a ceiling fan going over us that was making everyone chilly. We asked for it to be turned off at least three or four times, but it never was turned off.
A postive note: The entire staff was very friendly!

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