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I am trying to start an "Adopt a Sailor" program. I really don't know how to begin this... but if I wait around to figure it out.. it may never happen.

If you or anyone you know would like to have their names listed, please send the name and mailing information to Sharla Costelow

 I would like to have names of sailors all over the world that Americans can "adopt", sending letters, e-mails or care packages to them.
I would also like to start a local program in the Hampton Roads area.  For any sailor who is single or away from home, please send in your name, address and phone number. I will not add it to the list of names.. but I will try to find families to adopt you. That is... for holidays when you cannot go home.. you will be invited into their homes.  I will do background checks on all families who volunteer.  My family will be the first to adopt.

I hope to get this going soon... so don't hesitate to assist me. Write to me now.......