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Our Boys

Rich would be so proud of all the boys.  

Dillon is a freshman in high school now, and is studying aerodynamic engineering.  Dillon was only 3 when Rich and I married. Rich loved him as his own son. He was truly looking forward to spending time with him playing golf, baseball and the guitar when he got back.  Their relationship had become so close in that last year.  But, I know that Dillon will do just fine. He's a very smart kid!  He's a young man now, and I know that he seeks God's guidance in his life.  He is my first born son.  He changed my life.  In high school I was very shy and had a low self esteem.
When Dillon was born... he brought something into my life.. he helped me to discover who I was.  I realized that I had a purpose in life.  I became a whole new person. I thank God for giving me that wonderful gift!

Brady is my second born son.  He was born in 1994. I had two miscarriages in 92, and we had tried over a year before I got pregnant with Brady.  God gave me a dream when I was about 2 months pregnant with him. It was the only dream I have ever had where I knew I was in the dream. I saw Brady beside my bed in a baby swing. I kissed him all over his face and told him.. "don't worry.. it won't be long and you'll be with me."  I described exactly how he looked to Rich.  I had another dream of him the night before he was born. He was laying in his baby bed facing the other way.  All I saw was this head full of thick dark hair.  Needless to say... he was born looking just as he did in both dreams.  I think God gave me that first dream so that I would not worry.  There was a special reason for the dreams.  He is a very smart kid too.
He is extremely artistic.  He wants to either design video games when he is grown.. or be the next Tiger Woods. =)
He was my second gift, and I thank God for him too.

Ethan Jack.. now that is the little guy.  He was named "Jack" after my father. I found out I was pregnant with Ethan only days after my father had died.  Ethan was a "planned accident."  That is.. an accident to his father and me... planned by God.  =)    Ethan has all the makings of becoming a great leader some day.  He is very strong willed and stubborn (like his mother.)  Yet, he is also fair, honest and caring.  Ethan's goal in life at this point..... is to be a cowboy! lol  I have no idea where that comes from. I am from Texas... but I'm no cowgirl.  lol  Perhaps it is an influence from his Aunt Deb who works on a ranch.  I thank God for this last little surprise.

All my boys are gifts from God... and how I do thank Him for all three!!!!

Rich, Brady and Ethan
Bolling AFB, 1997

Rich and the boys
Spring 2000
Tyler, Tx.

Rich, Ethan and Brady
Kings Dominion
Summer 2000

Rich and The Boys
Summer 2000