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I once wrote that we go about this earth walking with our eyes closed. In a marriage, we do this even more.  It isn't because we want to, it is because we aren't aware that we are doing it. We are so accustomed to ourselves and our own feelings and ways of doing things, that we don't realize or understand our spouses feelings and ways of doing things.  The weekend at Marriage Encounter helped us to become aware of so many things. It was truly the turning point in our lives. That's not to say that we had a bad marriage. It was a good marriage, but we really had a tough time in 1998. All those years of not understanding each other, could have been used more wisely. I wish we had gone to something like that a lot sooner. But, I am thankful that we had it all. Because we at least had the opportunity to experience that before God took him from this world.