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Check Out Festival Condios!

New Release August 2005

Third Day
w/ audio clips..."Thief," "She Sings in Riddles," "Can't Take the Pain,"
"I've Always Loved You"  and more

Audio Adrenaline

Michael Tait

Tait (Michael Tait band)

Toby Mac

Casting Crowns

By The Tree

The Newsboys

Jars of Clay

Jennifer Knapp
w/ full length  video clip "Undo Me"


DC Talk

The Supertones

Have You Heard??

Have you heard these bands?
I take time to listen to many bands that are not yet nationally known .. these are my top picks...
Click and listen....

Mary's Den - Website
Funky Jambalaya and Free
This band is food for your soul!
Listen to these songs on their site!

All Together Separate Website
Take Me Home
I Want Slow Down
A wonderful mix of music.
Listen to their MP3 clips on this site.


Songwriters Association

Official Copyright Page

Tacoma Guitars

Fender Guitars